Wednesday, 6 April 2011


I am pleased to have the pleasure and honour to send the first official Fountain Enterprises Programme (FEP) U.S.A communication for the Diaspora and to the future FEP organization which is you!
The opportunities in FEP are limitless and the vision has been clarified by our chairman and C.E.O Arch. John Kithaka in his tireless effort and meeting after meeting all across the Eastern seaboard of America from Alabama to Rhode Island and his message has been consistent. "Empower members through the pooling of resources in a Holistic, Innovative and Sustainable way."
Great news!! My pastor Peter Kaimathiri of East Cob United Methodist church in Marietta, Georgia is the first Person to be officially recognized as a patron of FEP- USA and is in alignment to being inducted into the FEP Pastors club which will vacation this December in Mombasa, Pastors meeting this May will be held at Milele Beach Hotel from 2nd – 6th May 2011. Can you get your local Kenyan pastor inducted into the Pastors club before December?
The Chairman has kicked off the events in the US rolling and we are looking to making the US the biggest and largest customer base of FEP banking in Kenya when it starts taking deposits as planned in 2012 and metamorphosis into a fully fledged bank by 2015.
FEP group in Atlanta set this ball on its course when it held its first meeting yesterday 04/04/2011 at 6:00pm and roles, responsibilities and opportunities were discussed and are being defined as we go along. Right now every opportunity is yours to determine and open for you to curve your destiny in FEP. Who knows I might not be the one sending this email the next time round!! It could be you.
This Saturday FEP Atlanta is working and believing in the theme that Charity begins at home and we need your help, Call your contacts in Atlanta and all over Georgia and neighboring states and send then to the first ever US based member hosted meeting at 4:00pm to be held at East Cobb United Methodist church under the Patronage and leadership of Pastor Peter, 2325 Roswell Road, Atlanta, Georgia, 30062.
In closing here's an interesting fact: Those who purchased the share at Kshs 362,250 before closing at midnight 03/15/2011 are now boasting an added value of Kshs. 18,113 because it is now selling at Kshs 380,363. All details and info available at, and for payment and share purchase information

RoadMap to sucess:

Thank you and be blessed.
Charles J. Kabaiku
Contact: (714)299 4453


  1. Charles,

    That is excellent!!! Wishing I was in Kenya... Great informstiin and I am sure will be a success.


  2. Great!Started by Kenyans and spreading its wings to all corners of the earth is the real vision of FEP.Long live FEP.

  3. Good Timing.The activities of FEP can only be compared with Grameen Bank of Bangladesh. Grameen Bank became one the biggest Bank in the world because every member could qualify for a Loan. It is amazing to see that FEP has opened its doors to every Kenyan to join. Watch out and see the Miracles of the power of many. Based on my experience in Bangladesh I am very positive that, the proposed bank in 2015 will be a project to admire.